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Summer Season 

Bikes and Summer Activities

During the summers we offer many bike rentals and much more opportunity for a great summer. 



We have many bikes we rent out during the summer. Along with the new tour, scroll down for more info. 

$35.00 (Daily)

kayaks & Paddle boards

In Georgetown Colorado, we have the famous Georgetown lake. rent a kayak and cruise the lake in style. 

prices $35.00 (Daily)



Loveland Pass 
Downhill Bike Tours

Self Guided Tours

Departures from Black Diamond Ski and Cycles in Georgetown from 10 AM- 11 AM

Includes Transportation of bikes and people to the top  of loveland pass and full day rental on the bike 

Cost- $65.00 (prices includes rental of the bike for the entire day as well as transportation fees.) 

Full tour is 17.5 mile Downhill from loveland pass to Black Diamond Ski and Cycles. 

For any questions please call 720-768-3582


We sell and rent Jebco Fishing poles, Pole line, Spinner bait, Salmon eggs, selections of power baits and even live baits. 

For Prices on Fishing Equipment please Call 720-768-3582

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